Luster Leaf Rapitest LL-1860 Electronic Soil Tester Lusterleaf
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The Rapitest Electronic Soil Tester has solid state construction that makes it very durable. It gives accurate readings, and does not require use of solutions or chemicals that can stain hands or clothing.

This single unit determines both pH and fertility in less than 1 minute. It requires one AA Battery (not included). Instructions for adjustment and fertilization are included.

This dual purpose electronic meter tests soil pH and nutrient levels. Soil pH controls how well plants utilize the nutrients available in your soil. All plants have a particular pH preference, so it's important to know the pH level of your soil. You can then choose plants with the same pH preferences, avoid those that will not do well in your soil, or work to adjust the soil pH level.

The fertility portion of the instrument measures the soil's Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potash (NPK) content, in combination. The method used is termed conductometrics wherein a 1.5 volt AA battery is used. The standards for calibration are below.


  • Soil testing in about one minute
  • Comprehensive guide lists ideal pH ranges for over 350
  • Includes cleaning pad (reorder form enclosed with instructions)
  • Requires 1 AA battery

Specification Table

Too Little
Too Much
50 ppm*
50 to 200 ppm
200 ppm
4 ppm
4 to 14 ppm
14 ppm
50 ppm
50 to 200 ppm
200 ppm
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Question (09.01.08): Does the Rapitest/Lusterleaf Electronic Soil Tester (Model 1860) use batteries?
Answer (09.01.08): Yes, it requires one (1) AA-sized battery which is not included.
Question (12.02.08): What are the accuracy ratings for the PH and fertility readings.
Answer (12.02.08): The pH is measured from 3.5-9.0, and the fertility is measured in conjunction - no individual N, P, or K readings. You would need to use a separate chemical test to measure individual elements.
Question (12.11.08): What are the accuracy ratings for the PH and fertility readings.
Answer (12.12.08): The pH is accurate to about 0.5 pH. The fertility is measured with N-P-K in conjunction, so there is no accuracy measurement.
Question (01.07.09): What are the accuracy ratings for the PH and fertility readings.
Answer (01.07.09): The pH is accurate to 0.5, and the fertility is measured in combination (N-P-K together), so there is no actual accuracy rating.
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